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Oct. 14th, 2008



Rate of treeksiness blogging has come to a negative, hence I think it is time to leave and move on. :D
Again it's that time when you finally feel the need to close the chapter book and start with a new, more exciting plot-- and I have found a better sanctuary to chronicle it.


Oct. 8th, 2008


Gimme some, Ralph Sam

We're together now. :D

Sep. 24th, 2008



May nag-suicide na naman? Amf... O_O

Sep. 20th, 2008



*does cat sounds*

I thought I'll glide through this semester without having major panic attacks and cramming time. But today, the stress kicks in-- and it kicks hard. Post-molbio exam, lovelife confessions, and tequila, I am here in Matteo Ricci trying very hard to ignore the hangover and focus on my shiz. The 10-page Theology outline due on Monday is still blank, and I have no idea what to put on my assigned part. My brain doesn't even want to work on the near-pointless 1-page H.Eco paper re an episode of Scrubs. Jeez.

Okay, I'll try harder now.

Sep. 6th, 2008



Save for the greetings and a handful of presents, September 4 was just like an ordinary day. Spent it with the two people I'm always with, doing things we usually do (eat?). Thanks to all those who greeted. :) It's funny, though, how the people you don't expect to greet you are the ones who do, then those you'd love to hear from fail to remember.

My gift to myself? A black nail polish.

Why is September the Birthday month? Is January that cold?


Aug. 9th, 2008


Quick Update

I CANNOT wait for next week’s trip to the salon. Pam and I are chopping our locks off right after her grad shoot. Planning to cut mine real short, not considering the fact that there’s a big fat chance it will not look good on me. Hahaha. Two years ago I had this I-want-to-go-bald phase (blame it on Natalie Portman), but now it’s been reduced to I-want-to-get-a-bob phase.
Me: Mama magpapa-boycut ako.
Mom: ‘Wag ka na umuwi dito.

Another adventure with Pam yet again: watched our beloved Bloomfields the other night, after 100 million years. How they’ve grown! JJ now looks like a dad, Pepe gained a couple of pounds, and LOUIE IS WAYYY HOT. Ahhh, the bass guitar never looked so good on anyone but him... So bendy and hyper! I died.
Me: Matanda na tayo, dapat calm and composed lang tayo dito at ‘wag na tumili. Parang kebs.
Pam: Okay okay.
*Beer chugs and tequila shots later*
*I give a thumbs-up sign to Louie with a wide pa-cute smile*

New couple alert! Cheers to your forever!

If you are bored and looking for some online entertainment, would just like to share with you my web drugs. All of which I visit religiously. chuvaness.com, perezhilton.com, thechicktionary.com, sexandtheivy.com (same author as thechicktionary), bryanboy.com, seaofshoes.com, fredflare.com


Jul. 31st, 2008


Quick Update

Luck loves me these days.
In a span of two weeks, I got THREE complementary beverages from Starbucks (receipt had a survey shiz). I was really weirded out when I got the third one just a while ago. But come to think of it, I'm freakin here almost everyday. I deserve those free drinks. Hah.
Another very lucky incident was my Theo orals. When asked to pick a card (to decide which thesis statement you have to explain), I got the Joker/Wild Card! Wooooot! :D
Oh my, at the rate I'm going, I'm sure some bad luck will happen soon (Oh please not at the grad photoshoot!)

Speaking of the grad photoshoot...
It's four days away and still no creative shot! Rar. The egyptian thing is impossible to do, and I'm leaning towards doing a countryside theme. Think kamiseta adverts. Nyuuu. T__T

Back to work.
Am so ecstatic about our September article! :D I just hope we find some good sources. *crosses fingers*

ANNA'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot woot woot! *tears of joy* I can't wait to see her later. :)

Jul. 20th, 2008



True friendship starts when the judging stops.

Despite the other’s eccentricities and flaws, unconsciously and unquestioningly you accept and embrace her.

Isha has always been the moody one. The littlest things can set her off. Sometimes her bitch fits scare me, sometimes they just irritate me. I also couldn’t understand why she still wants this guy, when we’ve already told her that he’s nothing but trouble. Nogs can attest to this girl’s hard-headedness. Tsk tsk!

Yep, Ish can be soooo difficult to understand at times.
But to hell with it, I love her.
And she loves me. She has always stood by me, despite my own issues and weirdness. I’ve been to crazy adventures with this girl, and woah, it never was not fun.

So many memories…! I’ll always remember the times when…
...I’d sleep over in her old house in BF and hear the croaking of hundreds of frogs in the adjacent empty lot.
...She’d get so damn red and drunk with just a few drinks (The legend of the BUTTERFLY tattoo).
...She would get frustrated and pissy. You can really see the anger in her face, haha! The mood swings, oh, I didn't know I'd miss them!
...She’d strip naked in front of all of us! Haha.
...She’d wear the shortest shorts and be totally comfortable in them.
...She’d treat us to many places. Thank you Isha!
...The whole crew would drink and sleep over at somebody’s house and talk about anything. Then Isha’s the last one to sleep.
...We’d have those heart-to-heart talks—and I’d end up crying to her because she's such a good listener.
...And all those in-betweens.

I’ll miss you and your contagious laugh. Thank you for everything. *hugs* Gago ka.
Ingat dude. Pakabait ka. :P Boom.

Jul. 6th, 2008



I seem to have this affinity with female artists (eg, Regina Spektor, Duffy). Stumbled upon Adele at fredflare.com's Jukebox. Sooooo good. Her song Chasing Pavements hit the mainstream, but it's nothing compared to these three. *in awe* Clicky for the kickass lyrics! Lalo na Best for Last. *melts*

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Jul. 5th, 2008


Diet + Seamen's + Frii

Inspired by Clang's very successful "liquid diet", Maia and I committed to do it for three days. I didn't make it, as expected. First day lunch time my hands got all sweaty and I felt like I was about to pass out.  Funny. So much for that. I'm the unlucky one who must do it the hard way.

Went to Seamen's Hospital last Wednesday for practicum, and it was unexpectedly fun. Wayyy better than the summer visits. The outpatient director who gave us the talk/tour was kind enough to let us see a laparoscopy! AWESOME is an understatement. They used a condom to bag the gallbladder (I didn't know the gall bladder was that small). He also mentioned some random medical trivia along the way.

Can't wait to get to med school!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

Before we left, the associate dean of St. Luke's tried to "pirate" us from ASMPH. I must say, he was quite convincing. Well, mainly because of all the freebies they're giving away. :D If you graduate with latin honors, you automatically get 100% scholarship. This includes "nice and crispy books." I KNOW RIGHT?

A very delayed kwento: Joined the Guitar Hero tournament last week. Medium level lang naman poooohhh! Hahaha. It was sooooooooo much fun and rewarding. My loooong hours of Guitar Hero addiction actually produced results (Second place, baby!!!). Was beaten by a punkass 5th grader. Francis Santos, markado ka na! Hahahaha. I wanted that name plate. O_O

Tonight frii's launching ROCK BAND. Wooohooo! Was supposed to attend, but....

...I'm in Pilar right now-- contemplating what to do first in my long list of shiznit for the coming week. Hayayay.

Jay's iPod was stolen in Gateway. I really really really felt bad for her. All that precious music! *hugs Jay* I love you!

AdMU-DLSU game tomorrow!

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